XV Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon 24-26 April 2015 Poznań International Fair

How many times did you come to a convention and actually want to see the city but never had the time or opportunity? Pyrkon Fan Convention has prepared such a possibility especially for you! We have organized a city tour that will show you a city a fantasy fan can appreciate and explore. Interesting stories, legends, games, and secret Masonic Lodge will be only a part of the fun.


Sunday 26.04.2015, 13:00


We gather at the Festival IT desk (WTC building, entrance from Bukowska Street)

There you will find a list where you can register for the trip. Each participant will get a stamp with date and time of the trip. The trip is designed for a group of max. 50 people.

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On Pyrkon grounds there will be fantastic villages. If you want to feel like a character from the 10th century or visit the lands of feudal Japan come to the pavilion 7!

You can find an overview of the villages here.

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We invite you to visit several exhibitions of artwork prepared especially for you in pavilion 7. You can find a detailed description of the exhibitions here.

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We are delighted to inform you that, with some help from fantastic people and Absynt Studio film crew, we have prepared a movie inviting you to Pyrkon 2015. Please enjoy and share it with the rest of the world.


Only 8 days left before Pyrkon. We just can't wait!

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English programme available

We invite you to learn more about our English section programme. The following list contains not only a list of lectures in English, but also our round-the-clock activities! All those that should allow you to have fun regardless of your Polish language skills.

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